KTM S.A. - distribution of steel products


In assortment of KTM company you can find:

  • Wire rods – we have at disposal :

    - smooth wire rod with diameters: ø5.5, ø 6.0, ø 6.3, ø 7.0, ø7.5, ø8.0, ø8.5, ø 9.0, ø 9.7, ø10.7, ø12.0, ø13.0.
    - ribben wire rod with diameters: ø6.0, ø8.0, ø10.0, ø12.0, ø14.0, ø16.0.
  • Profiles – we have at disposal:

    - closed square profiles  produced according to norm EN 1021.
    - rectangular profiles produced according to norm EN 10219
    - round profiles  produced according to norm EN 10219.
  • Sections – we have at disposal:

    - beam double-tee-foot wide  produced according to norm: PN-91/H-93407 - DIN 1025-1:1995 - EN 10024:1995 (PN-EN 10024:1998).
    - budget beam double-tee produced according to norms: PN-H-93419:1997 + Ap1:2002 - DIN 1025 Teil 5:1994 - EURONORM 19-57; EN 10034:1993 - PN-EN 10034:1996 + Ap1:1999.
    - U-plains produced according to norms: PN-H-93400:2003 - DIN 1026-1:2000 - PN-EN 10279:2003.
    - Angle isosceles produced according to norms: PN-84/H93401; EN 10050-1:1998 (PN-EN 10056-1:2000) EN 10056-2:1993 (PN-EN 10056-2:1998 Ap1:2003).
    - uneven shoulder angle  produced according to norms: EN 10056-1:1998 (PN-EN 10056-1:2000) oraz EN 10056-2:1993 (PN-EN 10056-2:1998 Ap1:2003).
    - Head shapes produced according to norm EN 10067:1996.
  • Bars – we have at disposal:

    - flat bars produced according to norms PN-EN 10058, PN-EN-10025-2:2007, in grades according to norms: PN-EN-10155, PN-EN-10083-1+A1.
    - ribbed bars produced in grade BSt500S according to norm DIN 488, in diamaters: ø10, ø12, ø14, ø16, ø20, ø25, ø28.
    - round bars produced according to norm EN-10025:1993; in rades: S235JRG2, S235J2G3, S355JO, S355J2G3, S275JR.
    - squere bars  produced according to norms: PN-H-93000:1984; DIN 1017 cz.1; PN-EN 10021 PN-H-93200-00:1975 PN-H-93200-02:1987 DIN 1013 cz.1.
    - hex rods
  • Sheets – we have at disposal:

    - Construction sheets highest quality
    - Shipbuilding sheets in class: A, B, C, D; and grades: AH/DH/EH32-46.
    - Galvanized sheets produced according to norm PN/EN 10143 in grade DX51D+Z.
    - Coated sheets  produced according to norm PN/EN 10327 i PN/EN 10169 in grade S220GD+Z.

    In the range of our offer we have: steel roofing tile, troughed roofing tile, standard workings, systems of gutters, plastic gutters.
  • Tubes – we have at disposal:
    - Tubes for preasure applications produced according norm EN 10216.
    - structural tubes  produced according norm PN-EN 10219 in grade S235JRH.
    - pracision tubes  produced according norm DIN 2391-1, in grade St35.0.
    - seamless tubes  produced according norm DIN 2448, in grade St37.0.
    - welded tubes black and galvanized

More details you can find in selected categories in menu.

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