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Roofing sheets

Steel roofing tile

Steel roofing tiles are produced from metal plates of 0.50 mm thickness, hot galvanized and lacquer coated. The weight of 1 m2 of steel roofing tile equals about 4.6 kg and it is a perfect alternative for heavy roofing tiles. Roofing tiles from steel are characterized also by a very high resistance to weather conditions and wind. Each sheet is cut to a size that corresponds to the length of a slope, and a set of finishing accessories in the colour of tile provides attractive appearance of a building.

Troughed roofing tile  

Troughed roofing tiles are perfect choice in case of light building development. They combine high strength parameters and low dead load. Thickness of troughed roofing tiles is 0.50 -1.50 mm, they are hot galvanized and lacquer coated. They are perfect tiles for housing and industrial buildings, light steel halls, construction site fences.
In our offer we have throughed roofing tiles from T-6 to T-160, produced in zinc coated version and lacquered version. All tiles are supplied in length specified by the client and in any colour.

We also produce roof works and window ledges from zinc coated plates of thickness 0.50 mm. Maximal length up to 2.0 mb, and dimensions are adjusted to individual needs of our clients.

Standard workings:

  • Wall workings
  • Roof ridges (large and small)
  •  Basket gutters
  •  Fascia gutter hangers
  •  Straight roof ridges
  •  Tapered roof ridges
  • Verge trims
  • Upper wind braces
  • Snow barriers
  • Side wind braces

We also realize orders for non-standard workings.

 Systems of gutters

To supplement a roof we suggest a system of steel and plastic gutters.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantage of coated steel gutters is their high resistance to mechanical damages.
Application of polyurethane as safeguarding coating, which has perfect usable parameters (high resistance to corrosion and durability of colour) results in long lasting reliability.
The gutters we offer are deeper and thus are capable of picking up more rain water without fear of overflow.
Combi hooks enable installation without the need to disassembly of roofing.
Gutters are joined together and with the side outlets using a sealed nipple which does not require any additional seals.
Simplicity and ease of assembly was proven many times by the contractors.

Plastic gutters

The main goal of properly selected gutter system is to secure fine and comprehensive outflow of water from a building's roof. In the offer of our company we have gutters of small sizes dedicated to small buildings, gutters of medium sizes that are perfect for most of the buildings and gutters of high width suitable for very large roofs, e.g. industrial halls.


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